just think if this is one of george’s baby signals. babies often use their hands and little sounds like a form of sign language to get what they need until they learn to use full words. maybe kate knows this one. maybe she’s explaining to the other mum that when george rubs the side of his face he’s tired or bored. m a y b e ♡
Sometimes you just have to take a day to shut the world out so you can open up to yourself and deal with the chaos inside of you. And you don’t need to feel guilty or apologize or try to justify needing space. You just do what you need to do to take care of yourself, and that’s it. No explanation needed. Dele Olanubi (via idreamof-pb)

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So yesterday while I was working at the bookstore some girl came up with a barcode tattooed on her wrist. Of course, my first question to her was “Can I scan it?” I guess she had never had it scanned before and was pretty excited about it. She talked about how it was sentimental to her and stuff. I scanned it and she rang up as a bag of Jalapeño Cheetos. She then became livid and, of course, I was dying of laughter.


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